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Al Fadila Medical Equipment Trading LLC, based in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, was established in the year 2008 with a motive to provide premium quality healthcare products & services to both the domestic and international markets. Serving the healthcare segment of UAE and surrounding countries, for the last two decades, Al Fadila Medical Equipment Trading has emerged to become one of the leading medical supplies companies in the United Arab Emirates.

With a deep driven vision to deliver quality, Al Fadila Medical Equipment Trading is engaged in sourcing, supply, Import & export of medical disposables, hospital equipment & furniture, medical devices, laboratory and dental products. Through the course of time, we have acquired extensive product expertise, gathering market trends to provide one-stop solutions to customer needs. We strive to keep abreast of new trends in medical and healthcare industry to provide best options to our customers.

The professional environment in our organization, smooth operational set ups and experienced/skilled staff differentiates us from other companies operating in the same field.

If there is one reason why Al Fadila Medical Equipment Trading LLC has evolved consistently across the last two decades to emerge as one of UAE’s prominent Medical Supplies companies, it is because we have invested in our core values with passion to the point that they have become a part of our culture. And this culture is putting ‘People at the heart of everything we do’, be it customers,employees, community, government, or business partners. We stand for Good Quality, Being Dependable, and Adding Value.
Going ahead, as the external environment becomes increasingly challenging, we have looked within to strengthen our fundamentals and competitive advantages, the benefits of which shall progressively accrue. Al Fadila Medical Equipment Trading LLC has faced several economic cycles in the Industry and is well equipped with the knowledge to set the right course for our next phase of growth.
Our innovations are driven by our understanding of the trend and needs of the healthcare industry and our determination to solve pressing issues in this field. To realize this goal, we began by watching closely, listening attentively and developing an intuitive insight into our customers’ needs. Much can be achieved by continuously enhancing our existing products lines and services.
However, there is also a need for real innovation – in other words, for fundamentally new solutions that address new aspects and provide increased efficiency while consuming fewer resources. We are committed to this approach and have repeatedly set new standards in the process of sourcing, procurement, marketing and distribution.

Dr. Singh
Message from our Managing Director
Managing Director